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Welcome Sonoma County residents!

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The Santa Rosa Ski Club welcomes Sonoma County residents interested in increasing their participation, improving their skills and sharing their enjoyment of riding snow.



The Club owns a lodge in Truckee where we share dorm-style rooms, family-style meals and mountain-style friendships.  

We also take several trips a year to ski in places such as Mammoth, Utah, Colorado and anywhere we can find great snow.

The Club meets twice a month in Santa Rosa, generally November thru May, on the first and third Wednesday @ 7:30 at the Flamingo Hotel.


We highly recommend you come meet us in person at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Check out our calendar.

But if you can't, email us at 

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Meet us in person!


The Club meets twice a month in Santa Rosa, generally November thru May, on the first and third Wednesday at the Flamingo Hotel in a conference room.  See our CALENDAR to confirm dates.

Meet us at The Flamingo!

2777 4th St, Santa Rosa, California 95405, United States

Meeting time

7:30-9:00 pm

Calendar of Events


January 3     Ski Club Meeting 7:30 @ Flamingo [Debbie Wymer]

January 7-11   Ski Week @ the Lodge   [Debbie Wymer]

January 17  Board Meeting 6:00/Ski Club meeting 7:30 @ Flamingo [Debbie Wymer]

January 19-21  Ski Weekend @ the Lodge:  Fri-Sun  [Carol Hawkins]

January 25-28    Long Ski Weekend @ the Lodge:  Thurs-Sun  [Darrell White]

February 7     Ski Club meeting 7:30 @ Flamingo  [Debbie Wymer]

February 9 -11   Ski Weekend @ the Lodge: Fri-Sun  [Cathie Wiese]

February 21   Board Meeting 6:00/Ski Club meeting 7:30 @ Flamingo  [Debbie Wymer]

February 24 - March 3  Whistler Out of State Trip  [Ann Swasey & MJ Wickham]

March 7  Ski Club Meeting 7:30 @ Flamingo [Debbie Wymer]

March 9-11   Kids fun and games (costumey?)  [Karen Wilkinson & Linda Farison]

March 21   Board Meeting 6:00/Ski club Meeting 7:30 @ Flamingo  [Debbie Wymer]

April 4   Ski Club Meeting  @ Flamingo  [Debbie Wymer]

April 6-8  Chix on Stix Weekend  [Karen Humpherys]  

April 12-15   Men's Weekend  [Bob Hauge]

April 18   Board Meeting 6:00/Ski Club Meeting *Meet the Candidates* 7:30 @ Flamingo  [Debbie Wymer & Alisa Proudfoot]

May 2  Ski Club meeting ~ Elections 7:30 @ Flamingo  [Alisa Proudfoot]

May 9  Chalet Club 6:30/New board/Budget meeting  @ Flamingo   [Nancy Stumbaugh]

May 19     End of the Year Party @ Catherine Lindquist & Jim Dougan's new home!!!


We've been going down hill since 1953! LOL!!!


The Santa Rosa Ski Club actually began as the Santa Rosa Skating Club, a group that gathered to carve up the ice at the rink at the old Grace Bros. Brewery, alongside Santa Rosa Creek where the Hyatt Vineyard Creek hotel now stands. The Club’s first recorded ski trip was on a weekend in the winter of 1941-1942, when a small group went to try out the new rope tow at Rainbow Tavern on the west side of Donner Summit.

World War II put a halt to any regular ski outings to the Sierra Nevada. The Grace Bros. rink also burned down during the war years. In 1946, club members reconvened with a focus more on skiing than skating, and trips to Sugar Bowl became a regular activity.

The drive on two-lane roads across the Central Valley and into the Sierra Nevada could take 11 hours in those days. Those long drives, combined with the cost of overnight accommodations, prompted discussion of acquiring a lodge for the club, and the first step toward that goal was the official incorporation of the club as a non-profit in 1954. Parties, rummage sales and the sale of “stock” in the club began to build a fund for the purchase of land and materials.

In 1955, the club purchased the lot on Valley Road in Truckee and also bought a used military Quonset hut in Sebastopol. The hut was dismantled and transported in pieces to Truckee, where weekend work parties began the reconstruction job.

In October 1956, the hut was fully enclosed but a few key support pieces were not yet installed. After a big early-season snowfall, members of that fall’s final work party arrived in Truckee to find their new lodge caved in by heavy snow. The summer of 1957 began with clearing out the debris and preparing for construction of the lodge that exists today.

Work parties in late 1959 finished the original lodge structure, including the upstairs bathrooms and dorms, kitchen, dining room and living room, with the large stone fireplace and radiant heat in the floors. The 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley brought a huge demand for accommodations in the area, and the new lodge’s 24 beds were rented out at $5 a night. Proceeds helped pay off two small construction loans.

The lodge was expanded in 1964 and 1965, creating the downstairs “mud room” and the men’s dorm upstairs. Sleeping capacity was expanded to 40 people.

Club members maintain the lodge, dividing chores on ski weekends and taking part in several “work parties” each year. Minor repairs and major upgrades are performed on work parties, with club members donating their plumbing, electrical, carpentry and other skills toward keeping up our winter home.

About the current club

We’re just a bunch of kids who love riding snow


OK, some of us “kids” are in our 80s.  And a few are still in the single digits.  But that’s the beauty of the Santa Rosa Ski Club.  Whether we’re 8 or 80, whether we spend our work lives pounding nails or pounding keyboards, we all have something in common.

We share more than our passion for skiing. As often as possible, we share our “winter home” in Truckee, a rustic, family-style lodge where we cook and clean cooperatively, play games and tell stories around a fire, and sleep in bunkbeds lined up in dorm-style rooms as we dream of fresh tracks in new snow.

Life at the lodge is not for everyone, particularly those accustomed to luxury slope side hotels.  But if you love skiing, and you want to share it with a group of people who love it as much as you do, please join us for a weekend at the lodge or for one of our longer trips to ski destinations around the West and beyond.

An intro to us

Here's a collection of the fun we have!

Sharing weather forecast at Sugar Bowl

Donner Summit weather

Stretches before and after riding the snow

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Going to the lodge


  •  lodge key
  • Ski gear: boots, poles, skis, helmet
  • Ski clothes 
  • PJ’s
  • hot tub suit
  • towels
  • toiletries
  • pillow
  • sleeping bag/linens for bunk bed
  • music
  • flashlight
  • tire chains
  • shovel
  • car towel
  • cooler, food, vino
  • rain gear & gloves
  • emergency candle in a jar & matches
  • corporate/discount lift tickets/coupons
  • boot dryer if lodge is busy